Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why should You Get Your Laptop Servicing before Each Summer Season ?

Laptops are those thing that needs to get service at every time. First, your laptop must be very fast and you love to use them, but now maybe your laptop has got slower, dirtier or maybe heat up quickly. These are sign that you need to make note of it and get your laptop to servicing before it’s late.

First thing first,everyone's laptop is different, so, everyone’s processor is different and it work’s differently, but the problems, are same for every processor. In summers , your laptop gets heat up quickly so, you need to be sure to service it before summers and make it easier for yourself to use it later. 

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1)Clean your laptop from inside:

You must be aware of a fact or heard about “Virus”, and everyone got a problem with  it. Virus is
very common problem and can build up in your laptop easily . You must have got virus in your phone
also, so, for that, you install many cleaner appa for it, same goes for your laptop. You need a  “Virus
Cleaner” app installed in your laptop to clean your inside material. It usually makes your laptop slow
and unable you to work properly or comfortably. So, clean your laptop from inside and make it Anti
virus and help yourself to work more comfortably.

Slow performance: 

Slow performance can show up in a number of ways. If the internal     
programs are running exceptionally slowly it is best to contact a computer repair specialist. If       
your laptop is operating especially slowly then it may be sign of virus or malware.

Suspected virus or malware:  

We cant tell you how, you will be able to detect that your laptop has infected of virus or malware        but if these things happens then you need a servicing mate.If you receive persistent pop-ups on            your browser when you are using internet but Pop-ups appear even when you aren’t online so,            that’s the sign of virus in your laptop. Essential sequences on your computer aren’t working for          example like ctrl-alt-delete or you cant use normal shortcuts then, you should service your laptop.


Sometimes, you have noticed that your laptop has become more hotter as it should be  calm and         cool. This is because over the years, your laptop can build up a lot of dust and dirt on the inside,         which means more heat, worse performance, and a shorter lifespan for the laptop. The best way to       fix this problem is to clean that dust out yourself.To start, find the vents on your laptop—which are     usually on the back, and sometimes on the bottom—and blow some compressed air into them to         clear some of the dust out. This'll help improve the airflow to your fan. However, this usually isn't       enough; you'll probably want to get inside your computer for best results. To do this, you'll need to     open up your laptop. It sounds scary, but for most laptops, all it really requires is unscrewing a             bunch of screws and lifting your keyboard off the top.This'll not only keep your lap from getting         burned (hopefully), but possibly even fix quirks like random shutdowns, overly loud fans, and             other problems caused by overheating. It will make your laptop faster or cooler and it'll definitely       make it feel like less of an old beater. If you want to give it a bit of extra speed, you may want to         give it a few upgrades.

Antivirus software: 

 If you just removed a virus from your laptop or you want to take precautionary measures, antivirus software is a good call. Antivirus software can help protect your laptop from malicious programs. Then you won’t have to worry quite as much about your laptop being hacked and breaking down on you. Then your laptop  will be virus free and it will be faster than before and now , you can work easily.

2) Boost Your Laptop's Speed with Hardware Upgrades

 Hardware and Software are two things that need servicing and that’s the most two important things, you need to care about. If you really want to give your laptop a boost, you'll need to upgrade it’s hardware. It may cost you a bit of money, but it's a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop, and it can go a long way.


Adding more RAM , RAM means it’s like a memory for your laptop or computer. By having more RAM it will help to keep up with your more saved files and help your computer to be faster than before and helps you to install anything or store files or things as much you want.

 New Hard Drive: 

Replacing the hard drive on most laptops is very easy. In simple words, all you need to do is make sure you buy a 2.5" hard drive or latest hard drive for your laptop. Getting one with more space won't make your computer noticeably faster, but it will give you more room for apps, music, movies, and other files, but if you really want a speed boost, we highly recommend upgrading to a faster drive like a solid-state drive. Solid-state drives are extremely fast drives that will make launching apps and booting up your computer.

Loud noise from the system: 

This may be a usual problem but some of you may have , come across this problem. If you have this problem then you may be experiencing a problem with the fan. In your laptop, the fan cools down the laptop hardware. If the fan in your laptop breaks it will start to make a loud noise and may be warmer to the touch.

Issues connecting to the internet: 

Sometimes laptops are unable to connect to the internet or even recognise that there are connections available. If your laptop is repeatedly unable to connect to the internet then you should consider servicing it. After all, a perfect laptop can recognise a internet connection or the availability. If it’s showing problem in connecting then, you need to think for a servicing it.